FlexHorse black mix blue 1 pcs

FlexHorse black mix blue 1 pcs


FlexHorse black mix blue
Sold individially

  • black boot shell: material TPU (thermo plastic urethane)
  • blue TPU gaiter
  • blue back strap: material TPU
  • black gaiter: durable protective neoprene
  • nickle ball head rivet closure

Use FlexHorse boots in any activity with your horse. Boots can be used in paddock also, for example icy conditions to give more grip with ice studs, but use bell boots if needed to cover the legs and boots.

Before placing an order:

  • 3 steps to a well-functioning Flex Hoof Boots
  • trim the hooves by anatomy
  • measure hooves properly
  • check the right size from the size chart
  • if you hesitate between two sizes: take photo with measuring tape and send it to us by email: info@flexhoofbootseurope.com
  • FlexHorse boots work fine even if they are a little bit loose or snug. So ask help if needed!
  • you can also send photos just to be sure about the size. This way we will avoid the need for sending packages back and forth. Return and chance of the product will be paid by the customer.
  • Warranty

Boot size          width mm       length mm
110                      105-115           110-120
120                      115-125           120-130
130                      125-135           130-140
140                      135-145           140-150 coming soon

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