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Classy and Comfortable

Made in Finland




Innovative hoof boots for barefoot horses Made in Finland

Flex Hoof Boots offer a perfect way to accustom your horse to a barefoot life, step by step.
Flex Hoof Boot is a great boot to train your young horse to be ridden and driven. S/he can still feel the ground, wich is essential to the horse, and be sure-footed without making the feet numb.

Our goal is to offer light and sleek hoof boots, comfortable for horse to wear and easy to the owner to use. We don't mind if they look classy too!

We also want to offer a boot wich improves the health of your horse's hooves in every step of the way.

Flex Hoof Boots™ work in the same way as human barefoot shoes


Benefits and features


  • take off the hardest pressure from the rocks etc
  • allow the hoof mechanism to work perfectly
  • let your hors feel the ground properly, which is essential to the pray animal
  • offer great grip in all circumstances
  • with totally healthy hooves: use Flex Hoof Boots™ to protect the hooves from excessive wear
  • with hooves that are little bit sore when riding in hard gravel surfaces: use Flex Hoof Boots™ with soft pad 
  • with hooves that are under transition state: use Flex Hoof Boots™ with firm pad
  • use Flex Hoof Boots™ as traditional hoof boots: put them on while exercising (groundwork, riding, driving etc)
  • use Flex Hoof Boots™ as glue on boots (24/7 when needed)
  • use Flex Hoof Boots™ in icy paddocks or any other occasion when your horse needs extra protection. In these situations, you need to consider protecting the boots with bell boots.